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How does a Laser Marking Machine or Laser Cleaning Machine Connect with the Production Line?

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To begin with this question, we need to know what parts will a production line has.

The conveyor belt is the critical part that all production lines will have.
Besides the conveyor belt, other parts are mainly added to the production process of products. So, all machines or equipment should work with the conveyor belt accordingly.

But how does a laser marking machine or laser cleaning machine connect with it to work?

It has two situations. The marking job will take only a few seconds, like 0.5s, or it can be done when the conveyor belt is moving. Another is that the conveyor belt must stop and let the laser marking machine or laser cleaning machine work.

For the first situation, it is pretty easy to do.

Laser marking machine: Bravo Laser can add a sensor to the laser marking machine. When a product passes by, the sensor detects the product and sends a marking signal to the machine. Then the machine will start to mark the parameters you set. However, the marking result may not be satisfactory because you can hardly input the conveyor belt moving speed right in the software. Bravo Laser will also provide you with an encoder to solve the issue. You will connect the encoder with our machine and locate the encoder on the conveyor belt. By then, the laser marking machine will automatically insert the conveyor belt moving speed into the software, and the machine can do excellent marking if the moving rate is within its marking speed range.

Laser cleaning machine: Not compliant with the laser cleaning machine.

For the second situation, it would be much more complex.

Laser marking machine: It requires a PLC as a central brain.
You will need the PLC to stop the conveyor belt after the sensor sends the signal to PLC when it feels the target product is at the proper position. In the meantime, the PLC will send a start marking sign to the laser marking machine with the preset I/O port on the laser marking machine. Then, the marking machine will start to mark with the preset marking parameters. Once done, the machine will send the “marking finish” sign to the PLC through the preset I/O port. And then, PLC can send signals to other parts, like detect the marking result. For example, if the marking content is a QR code, the detection device can detect and judge whether it is pass or NG. Or the PLC can tell the conveyor belt to move again. And when the following product moves to the proper marking area, the sensor will again send a signal to the PLC to stop the conveyor belt.

Laser cleaning machine: The working theory is as same as the laser marking machine. But the preset cleaning parameters are much more complex.

However, some buyers don’t have the ability to connect the machine through PLC because they don’t have a professional. As a bespoke laser solution provider, Bravo Laser is happy to offer a complete automation solution in a turnkey way.


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