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Current application fields and future development direction of laser rust removal

laser cleaned product V.S. original product

Laser descaling, also known as laser cleaning, is currently used in abrasive descaling, metal descaling, microelectronics, heritage cleaning, and metal paint removal. As far as the metal descaling field is concerned, the range of applications is minimal, accounting for less than 3% of the overall descaling market share. So laser descaling is a typical new product with the advantage of cost reduction and environmental protection and is constantly replacing traditional descaling processes. Traditional descaling processes include chemical cleaning, machine grinding, water blasting, ultrasonic descaling, etc. In terms of cost, environmental protection, and fineness, laser descaling technology has surpassed traditional processes. Prices have fallen precipitously in recent years, such as the Dunlei laser descaling machine handheld 2000w quoted at 59,800 yuan, which was more than 100,000 yuan five years ago.

Laser descaling is developing in the direction of large-scale and high-powered, with efforts to expand the scope of application. The main future direction of attack is aircraft, bridges, ships, spacecraft, and other large equipment areas. One of the main factors restricting the development of laser descaling at the moment is the immaturity of the manufacturing technology of high-powered automated descaling equipment and the low efficiency of descaling for large equipment. Nowadays, most of the popular laser descaling equipment on the market is handheld, which is more flexible in small mold cleaning. With the gradual development of rust removal equipment in the direction of large-scale and high power, laser rust removal is expected to open up the market for large equipment rust removal and become a significant increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the future laser application market is the key to developing the blue ocean market for laser rust removal.

According to international consulting agency Markets and markets, the global industrial cleaning market will be US$96.8 billion in 2022. In this branch of laser descaling, Reportlinker data shows that the global laser descaling market will be US$1.214 billion in 2022, and this value is expected to reach US$2.124 billion by 2026. Although laser cleaning equipment holds the promise of a rising market, its current penetration rate is meager at 2.62%. The factors affecting the popularity of laser descaling are, in addition to power, the cost-effectiveness of the equipment. The price reduction of lasers, the increasing maturity of laser rust removal technology, and environmental policies to promote laser cleaning to break through the current limitations of technology and cost have created the possibility.


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