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Why can the detector not detect my QR code marked by a laser marking machine?

QR Code in Ezcad software image

There are many reasons that the detector cannot scan the QR code marked by a laser marking machine.

Reason 1: The QR code settings are empty, the operator didn’t fill in the content they need, or it redirects to a wrong URL.

Solution: Check if it is the QR code content issue.

This image is a QR Code in Ezcad software

Reason 2: The QR code marked by the laser marking machine is blurry.

Solution: Solution: It is because of the material. If the material is plastic, we can adjust the settings in Ezcad2, like setting the speed between 1500 and 3000 and power to 10% – 20%. We can increase the power and lower the speed if it is metal.

This image is a QR Code in Ezcad with the settings of Speed and Power

Reason 3: The QR code didn’t be hatched well.

Solution: Make the QR code in Ezcad2 directly.

Then how to make a QR code in Ezcad2?

Please check the below video for your reference.


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