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The advantages of laser cleaning in the thermal power industry are highlighted, and the quality and efficiency are more environmentally friendly.

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Laser cleaning, known as the “21st century, the most promising green cleaning technology,” can effectively remove the surface of the object’s rust, oil, film, oxide, paint, and other pollutants without damaging the surface of the substrate. Along with the accelerated industrialization process and the “double carbon” goal of steady progress, the future is bound to replace the traditional cleaning process gradually and become a ship, aerospace, power grid, mold surface treatment, automotive manufacturing, rail transportation, precision electronics, and other high-end manufacturing areas necessary equipment manufacturing technology.

The laser cleaning concept originated in the mid-1980s; its basic principle is the use of high-frequency high-energy laser pulse irradiation workpiece surface so that the surface of the oil, rust or coating instantaneous vaporization, evaporation, vibration peeling, to achieve a high-speed, effective removal of surface adhesion and surface coating.

With the rapid development of the national economy, China’s power industry has also achieved rapid growth. Although, at present, thermal power generation is still the primary way of power generation in China, and the modern thermal power plant is a large and complex production of electrical and thermal energy plants, to ensure adequate power supply, the importance of its safe and stable operation is self-evident. So, where does laser cleaning have applications in the thermal power industry?

1. Boiler water-cooled wall laser cleaning anti-corrosion

The norm is the norm for boiler water-cooled wall tube wear and corrosion for thermal power plants. And water-cooled wall burst is an essential and significant safety accident and an important reason for the power plant to stop. Once the tube burst, it not only affects the regular operation of the power plant, for the management of significant safety accidents in power plants will have a substantial negative impact. However, in the actual operation of the power plant, the corrosion and wear of the water-cooled wall are unavoidable; how to do an excellent job of boiler anti-wear and explosion-proof work to better protect the stable operation of the boiler?

Bravo laser for high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion, and other comprehensive and complex working conditions, directed to develop a unique combination of laser cleaning and anti-corrosion composite technology and equipment. It can effectively improve the anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the water-cooled wall, thus prolonging its service life, reducing the frequency of tube replacement, shortening the boiler maintenance time, and improving quality and efficiency for enterprises.

The application effect shows that: before cleaning, the water-cooled wall tube has a large area of coking, the surface layer has a broken coating, and the surface deposited a lot of cinder soot. However, with the use of Bravo Laser portable laser cleaning equipment cleaning, the use of Baoyu’s own particular ultra-high temperature resistant (≥ 1500 ℃) coating for spraying, after laser curing equipment, the coating can form a high hardness glaze in a high-temperature environment, the hardness of 4H, and does not affect the heat transfer performance, the same as the new tube. As a result, construction time is saved by half compared to traditional cleaning and anti-corrosion technology, and the service life is more than doubled.

Compared with the traditional sandblasting and supersonic spraying combination of water-cooled wall cleaning and anti-corrosion technology, Baoyu laser cleaning and anti-corrosion composite technology broke the first application of laser cleaning in the industry but also achieved better than the traditional sandblasting thermal spraying cleaning and anti-corrosion benchmarking results.

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Picture Source: Visual China Group

2. Turbine blade cleaning

The turbine is one of the vital core equipment of the power plant; however, the turbine rotor blades in the long-term operation process, the blade surface will be attached to a large amount of dirt due to impurities in the steam. Therefore, to ensure the turbine rotor’s efficiency and avoid unnecessary economic losses, the turbine blades will be cleaned of dirt or adhering materials during routine maintenance.

Compared with the traditional mechanical grinding, sandblasting, and other cleaning methods, laser cleaning is a new green cleaning technology; in the effective removal of turbine blade on the dirt at the same time, both intelligent cleanings do not hurt the base material, green environmental protection, equipment without disassembly, stop work can be cleaned and other advantages, to solve part of the essential parts and connections, need to be manually disassembled for grinding, and repeated disassembly and assembly prone to safety hazards and sandblasting dust, pollution of the environment. The weakness of pollution of the environment.

The application effect shows that: after using Bravo laser cleaning blade surface clean, no adhesion, without any rust, compared with the surrounding non-cleaning area, the laser cleaning area has wholly restored the metal surface’s exceptional luster.


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