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Laser cleaning is perfect for Lithium Battery manufacturing

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As an emerging green “black technology,” laser cleaning has always been one of the research hotspots in industrial manufacturing. However, with the vigorous development of the new energy industry, the demand for lithium batteries has increased sharply. As a result, new tasks and challenges have been proposed for the cleaning process in the manufacture of lithium batteries. In the past two years, under the vigorous promotion of head laser companies, laser cleaning has been applied to the manufacturing process of new energy batteries and has moved from an industrial substitute to a dominant stage.

Bravo Laser has always been guided by the market and centered on customer needs as a national high-tech laser technology enterprise. While focusing on the innovation and breakthrough of intelligent laser cleaning technology, it has profoundly expanded its application in the industrial field. For example, in the lithium battery manufacturing process, Bravo laser’s innovative cleaning technology also provides “new ideas,” such as pole piece cleaning, new energy battery shell cleaning, etc.

In the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process, before the tabs are welded, the coating on the area of the tabs to be fused needs to be cleaned off to ensure the stability of the current collector inside the battery. Removing the layer mainly includes mechanical scraping, chemical, and laser cleaning. However, automated scraping and chemical cleaning have weaknesses such as regular shutdown to replace consumables, easy damage to the pole piece, and difficulty in ensuring that the coating removes cleanly.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, Baoyu Laser has successfully explored the critical parameter values for foil damage and no coating residue. As a result, the intelligent laser cleaning technology and equipment launched by Baoyu Laser have the advantages of green environmental protection, high cleanliness, no consumables, and low cost. Furthermore, while efficiently removing the surface coating of products of different cleaning sizes, it can also improve the foil’s performance and ensure the battery’s internal stability.

The cleanliness of the battery case is one of the factors that determine the high energy density, service life, and safety performance of the power battery. However, when the new energy power battery case is processed, a drawing oil with high viscosity will be used to protect the surface of the workpiece from damage. Still, the high density of drawing oil will cause severe oil pollution on the surface of the battery case and carbon deposition and sintering caused by high-temperature processing. In addition, it isn’t straightforward to clean the surface of the workpiece.

As a new green cleaning technology, laser cleaning is different from chemical and dry ice cleaning. The cleaning method is more environmentally friendly and has high cleanliness. It can effectively remove carbon deposits, oil stains, metal fines, and other stains on the surface of the workpiece. After cleaning, the cover has no scratches and burrs, improving the power battery’s safety performance and service life.


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