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How does a laser cleaning machine remove paint?

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Laser cleaners play an essential role in industrial cleanings, such as automobile manufacturing, precision parts processing, building facade cleaning, cultural relic protection, oil removal, and paint removal. So how does laser paint removal work? Laser cleaning machine how to remove paint?

Paint is used to cover the material’s surface to play a protective or decorative role in the paint can be painted on the object’s surface to form a solid adhesion film. Due to industrial needs, paint is widely used to coat metal surfaces. However, when the paint on the metal workpiece peels off or needs to be refurbished, the paint coating on the material’s surface is difficult to remove. Facing this problem, laser cleaning machine plays an important role.

Laser cleaning paint removal technology uses laser beam irradiation to expand the paint layer on the material’s surface and contract to peel off, coupled with high-intensity vibration to shatter the peeling paint layer on the surface directly. Compared with traditional paint removal methods, the advantage of this laser cleaning method is that the machine is ready to use with electricity, and no other consumables are needed. In addition, since laser cleaning does not require chemicals, it will neither pollute the environment nor endanger employees’ health.

As you can see, after laser irradiation, the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is peeled off, revealing the original color of the metal. After repeated irradiation, the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is completely removed. If you look at the surface of the workpiece carefully, you can see that the paint layer on the workpiece has been cleaned, and the surface of the workpiece has not been damaged in any way.

When laser cleaning paint, it is essential to know what paint is being cleaned, such as spray paint, spray lacquer, baking paint, etc. Spray paint, spray paint, and other materials can generally be treated with a low-power laser cleaner. However, like baking paint, it is more difficult to handle, so when dealing with it, use a medium to high-power laser cleaner.


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