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Laser cleaning boosts the “carbon peak, carbon neutral” strategy

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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the end of 2021 the “14th Five-Year Plan” industrial green development plan, indicating the need to build a “green low-carbon technology system, green manufacturing support system.” This initiative has led to new development opportunities for the laser cleaning industry.

How does a laser cleaning machine remove paint?

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Laser cleaners play an essential role in industrial cleanings, such as automobile manufacturing, precision parts processing, building facade cleaning, cultural relic protection, oil removal, and paint removal. So how does laser paint removal work? Laser cleaning machine how to remove paint?

What processes in the tire industry can use laser equipment?

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Mold cleaning is generally divided into two cases: mold replacement due to the switch of specification pattern and the other is just mold cleaning rather than the switch of specification pattern. Either one needs to meet two cleaning methods, one is the complete cleaning cycle of mold refurbishment, and one is to extend the complete cleaning cycle of in-line cleaning during production.

Bravo laser helps industrial molds to achieve “green, automatic” cleaning and broadcasting

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Molds have a vital role in industrial production. Mold cleaning is the key to maximizing mold life, improving the mold’s reliability, and ensuring product quality. Because the speed of mold manufacturing and development is much faster than the speed of mold cleaning, and the mold, after rapid cleaning immediately to prepare for the next production, so the time left for mold cleaning is quite limited, and choosing an excellent way to clean the mold is more vital because it can not only ensure the quality of subsequent production products, mold maintenance cleaning but also help enterprises to improve efficiency.

Bravo Laser: New exploration of new energy pole piece cleaning process

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In recent years, the rapid improvement of new energy battery performance has driven the rapid development of the new energy industry. The rapid development of new energy battery applications has put forward higher, newer, and more stringent requirements for battery performance, and battery R&D and production must be continuously improved to adapt to the new market environment.

Advantages of laser cleaning over ultrasonic cleaning

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Ultrasonic cleaning uses an ultrasonic generator issued by the cross-frequency signal, through which the transducer is converted into a cross-frequency mechanical oscillation and spread to the medium, that is, in the cleaning fluid “bubble” form, the phenomenon of rupture. When the “cavitation” in the object is washed at the moment of surface rupture, resulting in far more than 1000 atmospheric pressure impact, resulting in the object’s surface, holes, gaps in the dirt are dispersed, rupture, and peel off, so that the object of purifying and clean.

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