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Bravo laser helps industrial molds to achieve “green, automatic” cleaning and broadcasting

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Molds have a vital role in industrial production. Mold cleaning is the key to maximizing mold life, improving the mold’s reliability, and ensuring product quality. Because the speed of mold manufacturing and development is much faster than the speed of mold cleaning, and the mold, after rapid cleaning immediately to prepare for the next production, so the time left for mold cleaning is quite limited, and choosing an excellent way to clean the mold is more vital because it can not only ensure the quality of subsequent production products, mold maintenance cleaning but also help enterprises to improve efficiency.

Usually, when the molding process operation is finished, it often leaves residues on the mold. For different kinds of residues, the final cleaning requirements are different. For example, resins like polyvinyl chloride can produce gases that corrode many mold steel types. Other residues are separated from flame retardants and antioxidants that can corrode steel. There are also pigment colorants that can cause steel to rust, and the rust is difficult to remove. Even ordinary sealing water, if left on the surface of an untreated mold for too long, can likewise cause damage to the mold.

So far, many companies have chosen chemical cleaning, manual grinding, sandblasting cleaning, etc. For manual mold grinding, suppose the manual cleaning uses coarse grains of brushing pads, emery cloth, sandpaper, grinding stones, nylon bristles, brass, or steel brushes. In that case, it will cause excessive “cleaning” of the mold, while using sandblasting will also make the grit adhere to it; not being cleaned off will lead to the product’s subsequent production of defective products. Cleaning technology innovation is urgent with the improvement of enterprise mold quality requirements.

In response to this phenomenon, Bravo Laser has developed a new laser mold washing machine that can deal with this situation very well for the production of rubber, silicone, PU, and other types of mold adhesion that can be removed entirely within an instant, easy to use, the product in the cleaning of the mold no damage to the mold, but also to extend the use of the mold time, reduce the cost of maintenance of the enterprise mold, improve the efficiency of cleaning the mold. Moreover, the product is easy to use. At present, Saint with intelligent laser mold washing in several mold production enterprises has been the actual application in the cleaning operation; many enterprise employees said, laser mold washing machine cleaning faster, better results and the equipment is simple to operate, do not hurt the mold, cleaning efficiency has increased exponentially.

After cleaning, mold surface adhesion is cleaned, and there is no residue attached to it, and the subsequent production of the product is also more controllable and more stable. Therefore, in the mold industry, the quality control of the product has become especially important.

Bravo laser mold cleaning machine as a new type of green industrial cleaning equipment, with no damage to the mold surface, fast cleaning speed, sound effect, automatic cleaning, and other advantages, has been widely used in all kinds of mold industry production links, the future, will continue to adhere to the “excellent technology to win the market, rely on quality service to return the user” concept, for, In the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of “winning the market with the excellent technology and rewarding customers with high-quality service” to provide more valuable products to the market and customers, and will gradually bring the laser mold washing machine to more enterprises to escort the production and increase the production efficiency.


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