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Laserax Canada Announces New LXQ Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Remote Control

laser marking machine image of Laserax

Laserax Canada has announced the new LXQ Series fiber laser marker, a marker that redefines ease of use for laser system integration. The laser features are designed to reduce integration time and costs and facilitate collaboration between system integrators and experts – a critical factor in fast and straightforward laser integration.

The system has remote connectivity, allowing Laserax experts or partners worldwide to be authorized to control the system. In addition, by relying on a secure cloud VPN, Laserax experts can better support integrators and end users with remote services such as installation, training, after-sales support, and live demonstrations.

Xavier Godmaire, Chairman of Laserax, said, “In the wake of the global New Crown outbreak, our ability to provide support by breaking down physical distance barriers will become even more important. LXQ Series, with its remote operation capabilities, will facilitate close collaboration between lasers and integrators. No matter where they are, they can use our laser expertise to make their lives easier.”

laser marking machine image of Laserax
Image source: Laserax official website.

Some new features of the LXQ series.

1, Web-based HMI, no programming required, quick laser control through a web browser.

2, System interface for any of the most standard industry protocols.

3, Cognex cameras for barcode verification, air knives for lens protection, and 3D autofocus sensors for auto-adjustment are all equipped with peripheral devices.

In addition to laser marking, the LXQ fiber laser can also perform laser cleaning, grossing, and hardening on any metal surface. Laser ax says that with this laser, system integrators no longer need to go to one supplier for laser marking and then to another for laser cleaning, significantly increasing their convenience.


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