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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the end of 2021 the “14th Five-Year Plan” industrial green development plan, indicating the need to build a “green low-carbon technology system, green manufacturing support system.” This initiative has led to new development opportunities for the laser cleaning industry.

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Traditional industrial cleaning has a long cycle time and causes environmental pollution. Laser cleaning, as a “green, environmentally friendly” cleaning method, in the “carbon neutral, carbon peak” strategy background, will lead the manufacturing industry in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, intellectual development, becoming a fierce development trend in industrial cleaning.

At present, China’s laser cleaning equipment market is still in the early stages of development, but the future development potential is enormous. According to market research reports, in 2018, the global laser cleaning market was valued at US$589 million, and by 2023 this value is expected to reach US$724 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.22% between 2018 and 2023.

Laser cleaning is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly cleaning technology; its principle is to use the high energy density of the laser and the impact and vibration of the laser pulse on the surface of the object to be cleaned so that the attachment or coating on the surface of the object to be cleaned is instantly evaporated or stripped, thus achieving the purpose of removing the attachment on the surface of the substrate. Furthermore, as the laser is contactless to the workpiece, it is very safe to clean the precision workpiece or its delicate parts. Compared with the traditional acid cleaning method, laser cleaning has the advantages of high environmental protection, no contact, no consumables, high precision, and no damage, so laser cleaning, with its distinct advantages in the cleaning market, is attracting attention.

Along with the advent of China’s Industry 4.0 era and the rise of strategic emerging industries, the demand for industrial equipment cleaning has penetrated almost all industrial fields. For example, take the power car industry; the most expensive part of the material cost of power cars is the battery part. Whether the existing power battery or the new battery may be developed in the future, the demand for industrial cleaning is towards higher precision and higher quality standards. In this trend, either the traditional manual work method or the chemical acid and alkali agent can not meet the needs of the whole regulation implementation process. This is the laser cleaning of the watchword.

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New day laser, as a laser industry 18 years of veteran laser industrial equipment enterprises, as early as in the domestic laser cleaning technology is just starting stage, will seize the strategic development opportunity to continue to deepen the laser in the field of cleaning pioneering applications.

After many times of research and development, trial and error, iteration of the launch of the “handheld fiber laser cleaning machine,” with its simple operation, power can be used without any chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safety, and environmental protection, high precision, no damage to the body of the parts and other advantages have been in the aerospace, aviation, shipping, high-speed rail, automotive, mold, nuclear power, and marine. It has been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, shipping, high-speed railway, automobile, mold, nuclear power, and marine. It has been recognized and paid attention to by the majority of customers.

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