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What Can A Laser Cleaning Machine Do?

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Laser cleaning machine is a trend of new cleaning method and is becoming more and more popular. However, because metal materials are widely used in most industries, most will suffer below issue. With the contact of air, the metal’s surface will rust and affect the use of the part, which becomes the pain point for most of the factories. And with the development of laser technology, laser cleaning is becoming more popular because of its excellent performance on rust removal.

Laser cleaning machine is a new term, and you can also call it laser rust removal technology. They use laser technology to work on material surfaces to remove the dirt, rust, and coatings by shooting laser beams to clean the surface. It is a new cleaning technology with high efficiency and environmental-friendly.

Then what can a laser cleaning machine do? First, it can clean most metals like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. Second, it won’t need CFC organic solvents, no pollution, no loud noise, and corrode materials compared with traditional cleaning methods like mechanical, chemical, and ultrasonic cleaning. Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning technology replacing conventional cleaning methods, especially in metal material cleaning industries.

Laser cleaning technology is a new invention that solves many manufacturers’ concerns. It can apply in pole piece carbon removal, cultural relic cleaning, clutch rust removal, weld decontamination, aircraft paint removal, titanium alloy removal, etc.

In addition, with the development of laser cleaning technology, the shortcomings of laser cleaning machines such as large size, heavyweight, and inconvenient transportation have been solved. Bravo laser did unique R & D to make it smaller and lighter than other suppliers in China. In this way, the operator can save shipping costs and take the machine with a smaller car.


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