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Jewelry Laser Engraving Machine for Copper Silver & Gold


Laser Power

20W, 30W, 50W

Laser Type

Pulsed Laser (Fiber)



Working Temp

5℃ – 45℃

Cooling Method

Forced Air Cooling

Product Details:

The jewelry material is mostly gold, silver, and copper, which are high-reflect materials.

It means when you are using a fiber laser to mark, the material surface will reflect the laser to the machine to break the machine, and also the shining is harmful to human beings’ eyes.

Under this condition, the quality of the machine parts and the way to protect the operator are super important.

To solve the first quality issue, Bravo laser’s Pro model has an excellent performance isolator to stop the laser reflect laser source; and the mirrors inside galvo have a special coating to bear the intense laser from reflection.

As for the health issue, our Pro model is an enclosed type machine with an observer window that has the function of filtering 99.99% laser. So you can watch the marking process safely by closing the machine door.

The Pro model is different from the Basic model. The Pro model is an enclosed type, while the basic model is an open type.

Mainly the Basic model should be used in a small room with an operator equipped with laser protective glasses. The Pro model is primarily used in public areas because it has an observer window to protect the observers from laser shots.

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