Anodized Aluminium Casing Laser Engraving Machine

Additional information

Laser Power

20W, 30W, 50W

Laser Type

Pulsed Laser (Fiber)



Working Temp

5℃ – 45℃

Cooling Method

Forced Air Cooling

Product Details:

Most metal products in the market use anodized aluminum as their casing. However, if they want to add any information to it, a fiber laser marking machine is a perfect option.

In this video, the customer is using a Bravo 50 Basic machine. They want to mark their company information on the anodized aluminum casing because their product has always been stolen at the communication towers. So they mark a permanent marking on it, then the thief would be tough to sell the stolen products.

Besides the above function, you can also use a fiber laser marking machine to customize the information you want on the anodized aluminum products.

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