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50W Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Additional information

Laser Power


Laser Type

Pulsed Laser (Fiber)



Working Temp

5℃ – 45℃

Cooling Method

Forced Air Cooling

Product Details:

The flying fiber laser marking machine mainly works with a product production line.

Usually, the production line will have a conveyor belt to move the products like bearing, car parts, etc.

When the conveyor belt moves the target part under the flying laser marking machine’s galvo, it will start to mark.

But how flying fiber laser marking machine can make a perfect mark with a moving conveyor belt?

Bravo Laser specially offers a high accuracy encoder for you to locate on the conveyor belt, and the encoder connects to our machine. The encoder can detect the moving speed of the conveyor belt and then revert the information to the machine. If the rate is in the marking rage, the machine will automatically change the marking speed to catch the moving products and make a perfect mark.

However, if you want to go with this way, the marking content should be short and can be marked within 0.3 seconds.

What if the content is too complex and takes much longer to finish? Like a QR code, barcode, etc.?

It is pretty simple. You can just add sensors at the place where to mark the product. Then, when the target product comes to the area, the sensor will send a signal to PLC, and PLC will stop the conveyor belt; in the meantime, PLC will send the signal to the flying fiber laser marking machine to mark.

Once the marking job is done, the flying fiber laser marking machine will send a marking finish signal to the PLC. Then the PLC will continue the conveyor belt to move until the following product comes to the target area.

It would be best if you asked us to add the I/O port when ordering the machine to achieve this function. And you can connect these signals to your PLC by yourself. But if you don’t want to do this. You can tell us; we are happy to offer you the complete solution with all parts you need. What you need to do is to assemble the screws according to our detailed video.

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