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How does laser affect the human body?

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In recent years, the rapid development of China’s laser industry, the application market is gradually expanding, breaking many problems, unlocking a number of core technologies, and gradually get rid of the dilemma of foreign “neck”. With the vigorous development of the laser industry, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the development, production and application of lasers. Among them, “What effect will laser have on the human body?” has become a question of great concern. In response to this question, Vico.com will answer for you.

The impact of laser on human body mainly includes the damage to eyes and the damage to skin.

Laserax Canada Announces New LXQ Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Remote Control

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Laserax Canada has announced the new LXQ Series fiber laser marker, a marker that redefines ease of use for laser system integration. The laser features are designed to reduce integration time and costs and facilitate collaboration between system integrators and experts – a critical factor in fast and straightforward laser integration.

Why portable fiber laser marking machine is popular in the market?

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The laser marking machine industry has also developed rapidly with the rapid development of laser technology. As a result, laser marking technology is popular in all walks of life. With the continuous expansion of market demand, various industries have higher and higher functional requirements for laser marking machines, which forces the continuous development of laser marking machines—faster updates to meet people’s needs.

What materials a fiber laser marking machine can mark?

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The fiber laser marking machine is the most used laser marking machine. It is not only efficient but also very cheap. So it is loved by many users. However, many people still don’t know much about what materials fiber laser marking machines can mark. So let us introduce to you what materials can be marked by a fiber laser marking machine.

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