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How does laser affect the human body?

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In recent years, the rapid development of China’s laser industry, the application market is gradually expanding, breaking many problems, unlocking a number of core technologies, and gradually get rid of the dilemma of foreign “neck”. With the vigorous development of the laser industry, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the development, production and application of lasers. Among them, “What effect will laser have on the human body?” has become a question of great concern. In response to this question, Vico.com will answer for you.

The impact of laser on human body mainly includes the damage to eyes and the damage to skin.

Laser companies are responding to lithium battery technology + manufacturing process advancements.

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Laser technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, flexibility, reliability, and stability, low welding material loss, and high automation and safety. It is thoroughly used in lithium battery cutting, cleaning, welding, coding, and other processes. According to the information on the official WeChat account of Laser Manufacturing Network, driven by the strong support of national policies and the acceleration of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, the demand for automotive power batteries in China has grown significantly. Among the three core components of a new energy vehicle battery, motor, and electronic control, the core component power lithium battery accounts for a high proportion of the cost of the whole vehicle. It also directly determines the cruising range of the whole vehicle.

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