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Glass Laser Marking Machine for Glass Gift & Mirror

Additional information

Laser Power

3W, 5W, 10W, 15W

Laser Type

Pulsed Laser (UV)


80KG – 300KG (According to Power)

Working Temp

5℃ – 45℃

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Product Details:

Glass is an exceptional material compared with other metal materials. However, it is easy to break, and the laser is difficult to deal with the glass.

UV laser’s wavelength is 355nm, which the glass can easily absorb. So, if you want to do some markings on glass, then a UV laser is what you need.

Based on the above facts, UV laser marking machine is widely used in wine bottles, mirrors, glass cups, etc.

However, there are 2 types of UV laser marking machines. One type uses using air cooling way, while another uses using water cooling way.

Air cooling one has a much lighter weight because it doesn’t have a water chiller, but it can only be a 3W or 5W UV laser marking machine, and the working temperature should be stable. However, water cooling enables a better cooling result to the device so the machine can be more durable and apply to a higher power UV laser.


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