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Bravo Laser offers cutting-edge equipment, laser cleaning technology, marking technology, a unique service charm, and a leading Laser Technology brand in China due to years of committed research, development, and manufacturing.

About Us

We are a top laser machine developer and producer with global operations based in Chongqing, China. One of the first Chinese companies to specialize in laser technology was founded in 2016 to offer everyone high-quality laser products.

Bravo Laser offers cutting-edge equipment, bespoke laser cleaning technology, marking technology, UV Lasers, a unique service charm, and is a leading laser technology brand in China due to years of committed research, development, and manufacturing.

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Our Clients

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Our Products

Our bespoke laser technology products are unique, efficient, and designed to perform complex tasks. We provide our customers with unique customer service along with lifelong support.

We are committed to fostering growth for our partners and clients as well as a more sustainable environment. Bravo Laser offers a full range of laser processing systems and accompanying support services to customers both at home and abroad. We navigate around extraordinarily high demand and supply chain restrictions on a worldwide scale.

laser cleaned product V.S. original product

Success Story

Bravo Laser is one of the pioneering laser cleaning companies that adopted the idea of an eco-friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxide, and other contaminants from metal surfaces in China. We believe traditional cleaning methods are too tedious; thus, rust removal can become time- and labor-consuming and expensive.

Through our teams’ dedication, hard work, and intensive research, we have been able to offer our customers cost-effective laser cleaning products that reduce cleaning and maintenance time. We just started with 20 dedicated people in the small unit. But our product success has helped us achieve growth and expand beyond our expectations.

Bravo Laser is a happy family of 200 staff members, including 20 R&D employees, and a 3000 sqm factory area. We offer not only laser cleaning products but also bespoke, UV laser, and marking laser products to buyers. Our manufacturing facilities meet the various needs of our clients, and the bulk of our products are manufactured from coiled strips, which enables us to produce them more quickly and at even lower costs. We provide cutting-edge laser solutions to boost your output, effectiveness, and quality.

We believe in the best and our product is of the finest quality. Often, customers thank us by saying, "Bravo, it's perfect."

Global Operation
Eco Friendly



To give our clients and partners long-term and improved laser technology solutions. Our goal is to provide a “home” for all laser users in the Auto-parts Cleaning Industry, marking and UV laser technology, a platform where you can acquire technology, opportunities, direction, and, most importantly, answers. We’re making laser users’ jobs much better and more productive. We’re setting new benchmarks day in and day out to be successful today and in the future. Since Bravo Laser’s inception, we have continually set new standards in laser technology, consulting, and services to meet clients’ requirements.

Our Vision


We believe that laser technology will be beneficial to everyone. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each and every one of our clients worldwide and positioning ourselves as the go-to supplier of LASER solutions in the cleaning and marking sector.

Our Key Features

On Time Service

Since many individuals nowadays live a fast-paced lifestyle, businesses must follow suit. As a result, we at Bravo Laser collaborate with our customers to provide their laser system (standard or customized) ahead of their project start date. We also provide 24-hour Customer Service Support to fix unanticipated difficulties and assist with debugging via our ‘Smart Systems.’

Experienced Team

Bravo’s staff is comprised of laser industry specialists with over 8 years of manufacturing experience, ensuring that you receive the finest guidance, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality laser solutions. We provide our customers with years of expertise and abilities for a full service, from a simple system to comprehensive solutions.

Decrease Your Cost

Many businesses are concerned about expenses, thus at Bravo Laser, we strive to keep costs as low as possible during your project. We develop systems that are low cost to run, need little maintenance, and are made to last, from the original investment in the laser system through the power consumption and upkeep. We recognize that ‘down-time’ is also a cost, thus our Service Support is a top priority

Spare Part Support

We provide Additional Spare parts on demand in order to keep equipment running and functional. Our product is Assembled in a way that it needs less maintenance. Our Assistance Keep an eye on product performance and provide you an advance solutions and backup support.

Feedback and Queries

In the event that you require assistance, our expert staff is accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond to queries within less than half an hour. We deliver the finest advice and solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Bravo laser has always been committed to offering broad and complete laser manufacturing solutions in the industrial manufacturing area, researching, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of laser processing and Bespoke laser equipment, as well as bespoke UV laser and cleaning equipment.

We have grown our market share exponentially due to the outstanding quality of our products. We have a dedicated group of specialists that help us provide the finest products in the market depending on the needs of our loyal clients.

The primary features that set us apart from our rivals are as follows:

OUR CEO Message

What we do, adores us, and we are striving to build on the tremendous success we have had since our inception. Laser technology motivates us, and we wish to share this passion with our clients. This enthusiasm for laser technology is apparent while working on our equipment and when our international teams collaborate to create cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Our focus is to remain ahead of emerging technologies by proactively collaborating with our clients to develop and offer the best solutions, backed up by after-sales service, to ensure “sustainable” long-term partnerships.

“Let’s make laser technology useful for consumers and the global community, and let’s raise the value of our workers and staff.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has put their faith in us and to our whole staff for their hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment. On behalf of the Bravo Laser team, we look forward to working with you.


Our Product is packed by taking safety measures. Our Safety Staff is highly trained and follows lifting protocols and Sensitive and Sharp Items are packed properly.

Our laser machines are well-known for their robust manufacturing and extended service life. Our customers can count on it. We attain the durability of our laser machines by using the most advanced manufacturing methods, the most competent suppliers, the highest production standards, and consistent quality checks, which every single machine must pass before being delivered to the client. Our manufacturing procedures completely adhere to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10041-2015.  The audit is for continual improvement as well as certificate maintenance.

We listen to our clients deeply to grasp their problems, and we operate with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which allows us to identify the source of the problem and devise the best solution. We are constantly striving to be creative and to create new benchmarks.

We are motivated by the vision and belief that we can improve the future of all laser consumers and our team. To do this, we challenge ourselves and hold open dialogues without hierarchical levels to constantly prioritize the best idea.


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